Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Black Face General

                 Strobilanthes Crispus  
                   Black Face General

Traditional Uses

A decoction of the leaves is use as a laxative for constipation and to treat Gall bladder stones, liver problems, haemorrhoids and hepatitis. The leaves are considered a diuretic and are used to treat kidney and gall bladder stones. S.crispus is also used for snakebites, skin diseases and diabetes mellitus

Studies (pre-clinical)

Antioxidant : The catechin of the leaves showed the highest antioxidant activity due its vitamins C, B1 and B2 with caffeine, tannin.

Cytotoxic: The extract of S.crispus reduces hepatocarcinogenesis in liver due to its antioxidant activity and apoptosis.

Renal: The phenolic compound in the leaf extract was shown to erode kidney stones.

Antidiabetic: Extract of S. crispus was shown to lower blood sugar in normal and diabetic rats.

Antiobesity: A  study of S. Crispus effects on lipolysis found the mean weight of obese rats decrease after 14 weeks of treatment.

Antiviral: The methanol extract of S. crispus had a significant antiviral activity.

Reference: www.globinmed.com      Studies


Wednesday, 8 October 2014

                       Tree of Life

                                 Leea Indica

                   Bandicoot Berry and Huo Tong Shu

Traditional Uses

Roasted leaves or leaf juice are applied on the head to relieve vertigo. Juice of young leaves is used as digestive and poultice of leaves for body pain. The leaves are used to treat diabetes, intestinal or uterus cancer, and skin complaints.

Studies (pre-clinical)

Antioxidant : Extracts from Leea Indica showed strong free radical scavenging activity.

Anti-cancer: Several extracts were studied for cytotoxicity on various cell linings.  The ethyl acetate fraction showed the greatest cytotoxic effect against Ca Ski cervical cancer cells via induction of growth suppression and apoptosis effects.

Antimicrobial:  Esters of phthalic acid showed antibacterial and antifungal activities.

An Overview of Leea Indica